• Sellers & Realtors
    Many experienced agents and sellers request a pre-listing inspection to find any possible issues that may compromise the sale of a property in escrow.
  • Buyers & Lenders
    Most buyers, realtors and lenders recommend or request a termite inspection at time of making an offer and prior to removing contingencies in order to detect any infestations or costly repairs that should be expected or planned for.

As a homeowner, whether you have witnessed an active infestation or want to have your house periodically checked for any infestations, one of licensed inspectors can find any damage to your home. We offer competitive pricing for Limited Inspections and will provide a detailed report that addresses not only specific areas of concerns but other issues that may lead to infestations.


  • Fumigations
    For extensive Drywood Termite and Wood Boring infestations we provide tenting and fumigation of residential and commercial structures with Sulfuryl Fluoride. Upon request, a fumigation schedule and checklist is sent to you and our fumigation crew will check the structure is ready for fumigation. Upon completion of the fumigation, we will clear any visible Drywood Termite pellets.
  • Perimeter Treatments
    For Subterranean Termite infestations, we provide a complete perimeter treatment to residential and commercial structures with low toxicity and odorless Altriset or Termidor termiticides. We offer a 5-year warranty against re-infestation of Subterranean Termites with complete perimeter treatments.
  • Local-Spot Treatments
    When feasible, small infestations may be treated locally. This is a secondary treatment that consists of drilling small holes in the infested and adjacent wood members and injecting a termiticide (Termidor, Altriset, Timbor or BoraCare), Pricing for local spot treatment is competitive and the warranty may be limited to treated areas. 


Perimeter Treatments
5-year warranty against Subterranean Termites with complete perimeter treatments.
Drywood Fumigations
3-year warranty against Drywood Termites to fumigated structures.
Local Spot Treatments
Limited warranty depending upon accessibility and size of infestation.

"Thank you! I appreciate your knowledgeable and professional work. You were excellent in answering questions, patient, efficient and obviously an “old hand” at this work.”
~ Diana T, Corte Madera

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